Salinas Self Storage

  • Address:201 Harrison Rd., Salinas, CA
  • Square Feet:Approximately 217,800 SF (5 Acres)
  • Property Detail:Storage Facility. Currently has 637 self storage units.
  • Location:Central California
  • HP Contact:Mike House

In late 2014, House Properties acquired a storage facility on a 5 Acre (217,800 s/f) lot. At the time of acquisition, the facility had a physical occupancy of 85%.

Salinas Self Storage is a Storage Facility which currently includes 637 self storage units (at various sizes and types), encompassing a total of 73,125 rent-able square feet. HP acquired a 50% share in the property and was able to purchase the facility at a 15% discount to the appraised value. Since the time of acquisition, HP has pushed economic occupancy and is a leader in the market area.